Our House

This is MY house!  It was built in 1963.  Two additions were added in the 70's.  It is filled with built ins and has great 4x6 construction.  I love the mid-century details.  But I wasn't sold on the curb appeal when we first saw it.

The bushes were all overgrown.  Some as tall as the roof.  I wasn't sure I liked the very obvious boxy 60's vibe.

By our first spring, some of the roof-high bushes had been trimmed down.  But then a weird planting of yarrow had taken over most of the flower beds.  A rustic swing that came with the house was still on the front porch.

We painted the front door red.  Something all of our neighbors loved.  And put new modern numbers on the house and a sleek black rocker bench.  We are happy with our improvements so far.  And they seem to match the character of the house.

I chose to feature my own house first.  Mostly because it was the closest house to photograph.  I don't think it is terribly unique.  But it does represent an era of building.  An era I have come to love and respect.

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