Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a CLINKER!!!

I learned a new word this week.  "Clinker!"  Well, I learned a new definition for it.  Related to the definition I already knew.  "Clinker bricks" are the ones that messed up at the brick factory.  The ones that exploded.  Or stuck together.  Or otherwise came out totally misshapen.  And in the craftsman era of building bungalows, they were all the rage!  This site describes the era and the use of these bricks wonderfully!  Gone was the perfection of the Victorian age. And welcomed was the organic feel of "clinker bricks" and other natural elements.  Also fun is to simply do a Google image search of "clinker bricks."  SO silly!  SO fun!

This lovely restored bungalow in the 200 S. block of 200 E. in Provo, is a wonderful example.  Not a straight smooth rectangle can be found!

Just look at all the funny shapes!  Bricks are laid helter-skelter. Puffy protrusions coming out like volcanic eruptions all over.  And the shapes undefinable!  How would you like to have been the bricklayer in charge of making sure everything ended up level!?

Look at these asymmetrical window panes peeking out of the roof of the house!  Long on the bottom.  Short on top!  

Mix the crazy brick with some terribly uneven shingle siding and what do you get?  

A perfect example of a craftsman era bungalow!  Way to go homeowners of this one!  And what a beautiful and warm restoration!!!

P. S.  Here are some old photos from the Utah County land records online.  Built in 1920, this house is listed as having 2392 sq. ft.  5 bedrooms.  2 baths.  And supposedly the market value is only $165,000.  I want one!

Parcel Photo

Look!  The siding used to be painted.  Two-tone.

Parcel Photo

And even in 2003, it was overgrown with bushes and still painted.  I LOVE what the new owners have done!  Don't you?

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