Why I started this blog

An old family photo of the homestead house from my
father's side of the family---supposedly
located somewhere in Provo, UT.
I hope someday to find it, if it still stands.

I love houses.  All sorts of houses.  A house is a home for someone.  And that home is particular to the people living in it.  They either had the home built to their specifications or they chose to buy that home out of all the homes for sale. Utah Valley is FULL of interesting homes.  Some are very old.  Some are very new.  This blog hopes to share the many varied and interesting homes that I find in Utah Valley.  Some homes are very unique.  Some are beautiful.  Some are ugly.  Some are hilarious.  Some you want to save from further deterioration.  Some you secretly hope will get torn down.  But all are worth seeing.  At least once.  If not in person, then enjoy them here on this blog.

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