Monday, April 30, 2012

Brown Bungalow!

This lovely brown bungalow is located on 820 N. in Provo.  It stands out from the other smaller houses around it and I don't know if it is a remodel or a completely new home.  (There are seemingly NO county records for this address!) See end of post for new information!

The shingled exterior is rustic and lovely in it rich brown stain.

Instead of a traditional lawn, this house is surrounded by lovely gardens.  The plants are just starting to come out for the spring, but in the summer, this yard is stunning!

There is detail work above the windows and on the various trim.  It give the house a warm, craftsman feel.

But what REALLY sets this house apart is the chimney.  It is a nice heavy shape and has an earthy feel to the battered brick.  But look closer.  There is a message inlaid in the brick.  Something so important that the owners want the world to know it.  Profound words of wisdom.....

What do you think?  Would you inlay a message like this into the side of your house?  

(All I could think of was the report a few years back that said more women in Utah were on anti-depressants than in any other state in the union....."cheerful 'til it kills you", I'm sure!  If I were to inlay a message in my house, it would say,  "Feel 'til you Heal."  And forget the forced cheerfulness.  But that is just me.)

P.S.  Using a slightly different address than is on the front door, I found out more information for this home.  Maybe it is divided into two residences and the original number is for the back door.  I'm not sure.  But this is how it used to look:

Parcel Photo

Just like all of its neighbors!  A cute little box.  In 2003, they remade the whole house into what it is today. 2646 sq ft. 3 bedrooms. 2.5 baths.  And a whole different look!

Parcel Photo

Pretty amazing transformation!  Good job "cheerful" owners!


  1. would love to see inside pics

  2. Me, too! As I grow this blog, I may get daring enough to ask owners for house tours!


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