Monday, April 23, 2012

Wowsers! Jack-in-the-Box!

When I saw this peeking from around a tree, I just about leapt out of my car!  A square box!

Look at how nice this boxy house looks with the soft natural trees and lilacs around it.  I couldn't tell if it was a new remodel or if it had originally been a square box of a home.  The siding looked brand new.  The owners were putting in a new retaining wall and had a beautiful garden started.

Another angle.  How lovely!  Way to go "Squaresters!"  (You can find this home in the 1200 block of Apple Ave., Provo.)

P.S. Found some old photos in government records.  It used to be a BLUE box!  Built in 1959. 1390 sq ft.  Plus more in the basement.  5 bedrooms.  2.75 baths.

Parcel Photo

And the oldest photo:

Parcel Photo

(I think they did a GREAT job on the remodel.  I love the new siding and neutral color.  Updated, but still true to the original architecture!)

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